About Us


This is the story of two adventurous people sailing around the world.
A Russian-Austrian couple; live aboard sailors/cruisers and professional filmmakers with a genuine love for life and adventure.This is the story of sailing, wandering, exploring, sensing, laughing, listening, hunting, gathering, filming, writing and thinking.Living the dream so many people are only dreaming of.Love, peace and ocean breeze.

Tali & Guenther
what we are doing


While we travel we film travel documentaries.

There are many sailing videos.

What makes us different is that we let you get a real feeling of the countries that we explore. We tell you stories of the people we meet, special people with interesting stories; both locals and other sailors. In our films we show sailing and the daily cruising life. Local culture and island life. Simple and healthy living. Music, cuisine, crafts and locals artists.

We will be happy if our films inspire you to explore a different way of living and allow your dreams to come alive.

Life is about living your dreams, and this is what we are doing!


Dustin Reynolds. The Singlehanded Sailor

540 seconds of 2018. One year of cruising life in East Africa

The Comoros. Everyday life in a small village

Indian Ocean Adventure